New Way of Doing Business

The sense of usefulness to the customer

The New Way of Doing Business is based on three key concepts:

  • Passing from the sale to making someone buy a distinctive usefulness
  • Putting the people with whom we enter into a relationship at the centre
  • Establishing contact with the end user

The usefulness is aimed at creating an advantage for one or more people in solving a problem.

The values that accompany this approach can be summarised as follows:

  1. The problem of the customer or our customer’s customer is our opportunity
  2. The solution to the problem and the advantages that it creates constitute the value
  3. You have to get involved when entering into a relationship by taking on the leading role and give your customer a leading role.
  4. We must always promote teamwork.
  5. Communication (observing, listening, paying attention) is one of the important keys to building a relationship.
  6. I win, you win, we win
  7. Overcoming fear and laziness by acting with courage and facing problems, and not giving into them

We help our customers build their own Business Academies, namely schools for the professions of our customers and/or of our customers’ customers. Market leaders must also be leaders of professions.