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First, form and build the human! Y. Wakamatsu

During an interview with Eiji Toyoda, the V president of Toyota, journalists asked what did his company produce... to which he replied “People”.

At the centre of Monozukuri (“making things”) there must always be the human being and only with human hands can manufacturing make progress. The search for new production methods is not precluded, but if one acts superficially towards the “construction of the human” (hitozukuri), these methods will never take root; nor will the day ever come when the expected results can be shown.

Hitozukuri, first of all.

In Toyota, “Monozokuri is Hitozokuri”. The ability to produce well is intimately linked to the ability to train people. 

If Hitozokuri is to be developed in companies, it is necessary to put people in the best position to do so. This means pushing people to observe, experiment, question themselves and continuously develop their skills. Every resource in the company must not follow to the letter the instructions given by someone else, but must own and be responsible for operational standards. Only in this way will these be able to continuously improve over time, thereby also increasing the intrinsic quality of work and life of the workers themselves.

The human factor is the real driver of change: if we add a microchip to machines and installations, we have not made a digital revolution, but we have adapted old technologies: pure technological substitution. The real leap to make is cultural, organisational, integration related and, of course, concerns the skills and quality of the human capital. Today, more than ever, the human being is the protagonist and architect of an Industrial and Cultural Revolution in which creativity, humanity and intelligence are the keys that drive Innovation and determine the success of a company.

Training courses and experiential simulations:
to train people for successful companies

Considi offers training and awareness-raising both as an integral part of consultancy projects to create a common cultural base and as training designed specifically for the company. The training approach is based on experiential methodologies, so that participants can personally experience the lean transformation. As with the Gear Factory, the participant can experience digital transformation on a real factory floor or during the Lean Office Simulation where he/she learns how to map and bring improvement to transactional or “office” processes. 

Some training courses provide a certification at the end of the course after passing an examination, as in the case of Lean Six Sigma Certifications or TMS and TPS Certifications. Furthermore, with GBM - Global Benchmarking, the company itself, and thus its resources, also have the opportunity to participate with a team of Japanese sensei in a certification process regarding the degree of implementation of the Lean method.

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What we can do for your company: our Training & Certification services

Digital Gear Factory

The 4.0 technology showcase and training programme for your resources to make a real cultural leap towards 4.0

Lean Office Simulation

The unique experiential simulation that enables the application of Lean Thinking principles in the office environment

Lean Agile Simulation

Simulation applying the Agile method to comprehensively meet customer requirements

Experential Training

Vertical games that allow you to learn by doing and reflecting on what you do

Lean Six Sigma Green, Yellow e Black Belt Certifications

Training to make business process improvements not only possible, but highly probable

TMS e TPS Certification

Enhance your knowledge of the Toyota Management System and Toyota Production System through certification with Japanese sensei

GBM – Global Benchmarking

Company certification carried out directly by the Japanese sensei of TEC - Toyota Engineering Corporation

On demand Training

The platform with on-demand courses that will enable you to enhance your management skills

Case Histories

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