Timer pro professional

Software per la mappatura, bilanciamento e standardizzazione dei processi aziendali

Since 2010 Considi is the official distributor for the entire Italian territory of Timer Pro Professional , a valid support tool for structured analysis of the production process aimed at achieving the desired improvement.

The basic principle on which the software is developed is to film the activities and processes in Genba for further analysis at a later time through statistical methods and appropriate tools provided by the program itself .

The video, appropriately broken down into micro – predetermined activities, is then processed through the application of virtual labels relevant to the current project , the starting point for the further analysis to be performed ( also exportable in Excel format).

The purposes of the activities carried out with the software are many, including the following main points :

  1. The mapping process : first step of process optimization is the mapping of the same in each phase : the video is then divided into sub – sequences thus identifying a series of basic activities . The degree of detail with which analyzes the video can be very high and it is defined according to specific business needs .
  2. Performance measurement : the software automatically calculates the duration of each activity that can be compared in different times and circumstances . It then defines the percentage of Process Dedicated to ” a non- value added activities . “
  3. The balance of activities : the mapping and surveying activities can be performed simultaneously on multiple resources . It is possible then evaluate the in play timing for each resource in order to optimize the balancing of work loads and measure the saving obtained by any redistributions of activities.
  4. Documentation , standardization and training of operators : the identification of the virtual labels on elementary activities allows  to create a document (paper and / or media ) that automatically defines the reference in the analysis process standards . Such standards can be easily used for training of operators by the association to the video file that exemplifies in a clear and unambiguous tasks to do .