Software Selection and change of the corporate information system

An opportunity to review one's organisational models

Changin an information system is a demanding and challenging project. It is also a major opportunity for the company to radically review its organisational and operational models. The choice of solution and the way it is implemented become decisive factors for the success of the project.

Implementing a new information tool, be it an ERP or a vertical tool, does not only mean adopting a software that automates and supports business activities, but offers a unique opportunity to:
Improve all business
Improve and innovating the service offered
Redefine procedures and responsibilities
Train resources and make them aware of the importance of data
in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both operational and decision-making activities.

Systems planning and software selection are the first phase of an information system change project, and decisions made here have a decisive impact on the success of all subsequent phases. This is precisely why a software selection conducted with meticulousness, depth and consistency can make all the difference to the success of the entire project.

Changing the Corporate Information System: the basic steps

From a methodological standpoint, the fundamental steps to implement the change of a Corporate Information System are:

  • Systems Plan, to design implementation guidelines

  • Software Selection, to analyse market alternatives, evaluating their costs and benefits, in order to choose the most suitable and coherent solution

  • Implementation, to activate and bring the corporate information system up to speed, integrating it with the organisation, procedures and any secondary systems.

Considi accompanies its companies along this path by proposing a structured methodology that allows different systems to be compared objectively, in order to ensure the correct and well-considered choice for the company making this journey.

cambio del sistema informativo aziendale

Systems Plan

Drawing up a systems plan means defining the corporate information structure, evaluating the set of solutions to be implemented/maintained, their integration and their role (master/slave) with respect to the main business processes. This phase involves the design of the macro operating models, the scope and the implementation sequence, consistent with present and future business needs.

The systems plan is the basis on which to set up the SW selection, according to the solution(s) in the project scope.

Software Selection

SW selection is a critical phase of the information system change project, which is why the success of the entire project in terms of results and costs often depends on it.

The objectives of the Software Selection are:

  • Formalising the operating model of the main TO BE processes in a specification

  • Defining in detail the functional requirements of the new information system, keeping the focus on the processes that the system will have to support, and formalise them in a codified and shared checklist

  • Analysing existing software/provider technology solutions on the market in order to retrieve all useful elements for choosing the most suitable solution (in terms of coverage and cost/benefit) and the most qualified provider

  • Drawing up an implementation plan for the new information system that defines the commitment of resources, the organisation of the project, and the time and cost of implementation

  • Supporting the company in closing the contract with the provider

The documentation produced at this stage is crucial for three reasons:

  • Makes it possible to arrive at the most coherent and informed choice possible by making the offers received comparable
  • Allows the contract to be defined in a timely and complete manner, envisaging all elements of the project from the outset
  • Becomes a starting point for the functional analyses of the implementation phase, which will not start from a “blank sheet” but from shared TO BE processes and models.
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