Yoshihito Wakamatsu

Yoshihito Wakamatsu (1937-2015) in 2009 chose CONSIDI as his sole interlocutor for Europe.

This partnership, in addition to having given us the honour of being able to directly measure ourselves against the “source” of TPS, has led to the creation of the series of books entitled “Toyota WAY”, published by FrancoAngeli which have been translated and adapted by CONSIDI.

Yoshihito Wakamatsu was born in 1937 in the Miyagi Prefecture, situated in the north-east of Japan. After joining the Toyota Motor Corporation, following the practice of rotating staff, he worked in the areas of the business related to costs, production, purchasing and the sales office.

Working directly for Taiichi Ohno, he dedicated himself to the application, improvement and dissemination of the Toyota Production System. After his long, profound experience in Toyota, in 1984 he began to introduce the Toyota Production System (TPS) to companies producing agricultural machinery, construction companies, manufacturers of electronic equipment and household appliances, and more recently in the services sector, such as hospitals and mail order organisations, teaching the company staff how to apply the method effectively.

He led consultancy projects in Korea, Russia and East Asia as well. In 1991 he worked as adviser to the Korean company, Daewoo. In 1992 he was Visiting Professor at the University of Xian Jiaotong in China. In 1992, he also founded the consultancy firm, Culman, of which he was CEO, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to the dissemination and application of the Toyota Production System, of which he can be considered one of the greatest experts. From the beginning of 2009 he was the Top Adviser of the Japan Sales & Marketing Foundation. He wrote about 60 books, mostly related to the Toyota Production System and widely translated into the languages of East Asia.