Vitale – Zane & Co Srl

During 2015 CONSIDI finalised the strategic partnership by acquiring 15% of shares in Vitale – Zane & Co Srl (, a company based in Brescia that operates in the field of economic, strategic and financial consultancy and corporate development.

The collaboration aims to integrate the services of both companies that will thus be able to offer their respective customers innovative solutions in areas that have not been covered up to now.

The agreement will create a network of highly skilled professionals to support companies and institutions in the Triveneto and Lombardy regions in the face of the changes and the complexity of the markets.

The pooling of the specific skills of the two companies allows for the integration of projects in Operation & Innovation Management areas with Financial Economic Analysis, thus leading to an assessment and unitary management of corporate performance at all levels (productive, economic and financial assets). In this sense, an authentic Value Chain Audit (VCA) was developed, on the basis of which it will be possible to plan specific actions for improvement in the areas identified as the weakest.
The collaboration between VNZ and CONSIDI also aims to create a partnership through projects between companies and the world of innovation, such as incubators, start-ups and university research centres, in order to fill the technological gap that still characterises many Italian companies.
Vitale – Zane & Co, founded in 2003, deals with economic and financial consultancy and the development of firms, focusing in particular on the cultural and organisational evolution of family-run businesses.

The management consultancy services offered by VNZ are:

  • Development projects and their implementation in the area of sector analysis and the analysis of competitiveness profiles, through extraordinary financial operations as well.
  • The search for national and international partners.
  • Interventions on risk capital via closed-end funds and other institutional investors.
  • Assistance in the internal preparation of the company for stock market listing.
  • Introduction of strategic direction and management control tools.
  • Support for family-run businesses in the processes of restructuring ownership, both during a generational changeover and when branches of the family leave, as well as support for processes of cultural evolution.
  • Financial accounting due diligence and assessment of firms’ economic capital.
  • Financial and corporate reordering and restructuring through the development of multi-faceted solutions such as the redistribution of the shareholding structure, industrial and financial restructuring, liquidation of assets and non-functional requirements, with the possible involvement of selected institutional investors.

The reference partner of the VNZ firm is Professor Marco Vitale:

A business economist, he studied at the Collegio Ghislieri from 1955 to 1959 and is one of the major Italian players in the world of business culture. Having trained at Arthur Andersen, he rapidly acquired extensive international experience working with large international groups. In 1979 he founded his own business strategy consulting company within which particular focus was placed on family-run businesses in Italy by supporting their development and internationalisation. He was a pioneer in Italy for the introduction and development of the certification of financial statements, the development of open-end and closed-end investment funds and merchant banking activities.

He has combined a busy professional life with a prolific educational activity at the universities of Pavia, Bocconi in Milan and Carlo Cattaneo in Castellanza of which he was one of the founders and at the ISTAO, a business school founded by Giorgio Fuà. He has held important public posts among which that of Sole Commissioner for the management of private funds for the humanitarian mission in Kosovo (1999), and from 2010 to 2013 he was president of the Italian Investment Fund.