Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling Italy (TMHIT), a company of the extended Toyota group that has been active for years in Italy on the training front for the dissemination of knowledge and skills related to the “forklifts” sector, has decided to extend its offering by setting up Toyota Academy Italy.
Toyota Academy Italy has evolved significantly in recent years, transitioning from an internal training organisation to a Training & Consulting Division of Toyota Material Handling Italy.

To tackle this transition, TMHIT chose CONSIDI as its preferred sole partner for the Italian market.
Toyota Academy Italy, along with CONSIDI, develops training and consultancy projects in the field of Operations and Logistics, a proposal that has an original and authentic approach because it is the result of the merger of two spirits, one for consultancy (strategic and broad vision) and one for the practical side as a result of the experience of a company that has always embodied the principles of TPS.
The proposed activities can be carried out at the company’s headquarters or at the Toyota Academy facilities.

In line with this vision, the decision was taken to invest in the development of an experiential learning container where managers can experiment with the TPS Simulation Game and immediately take the main instruments for implementing Kaizen projects back to their companies.
The partnership between Toyota Academy and CONSIDI is bringing new and innovative management concepts to the area of Material Handling, linked to the design and management of modern warehouses. This new approach has been dubbed Toyota Warehousing System.