Six Sigma Management Europe

European Partnership for CONSIDI, an important group based in north-east Italy and one of the leading consulting services in Italy for Operation & Innovation Management, specialised in services related to the TPS – Toyota Production System and in general to Lean Management. The company based in Grisignano (Vicenza) has signed an agreement with the Six Sigma Management Institute Europe (SSMI) of London, a company that deals with consultancy and training related to the Six Sigma method.

The goal of the partnership is to harness the expertise of both companies in order to increase the distribution of products and consulting in Italy, related to Six Sigma methodology as well. This approach, which aims to eliminate any defects and stabilise processes, is promoted and developed worldwide by Mikel J. Harry, founder of SSMI, recognised as one of the founding fathers of the method. The London firm has acknowledged CONSIDI as an authoritative partner to provide their services in Italy, thanks to the know-how and expertise and to the network of the Vicenza-based group in the Italian market.

The Six Sigma methodology measures business processes in terms of the defects identified. It is the most effective problem solving system for promoting business and performance growth, based on the principles of Total Quality Management, a series of customer-oriented processes to improve the products and services offered by an organisation.

Gianni Dal Pozzo, CEO of CONSIDI says, “Our company is committed to supporting the growth of Italian firms not only through our services, but also through strategic partnerships with the most qualified consultancy players. Our collaboration with SSMI means we can start a project with a prestigious international firm, promoter of a methodology which can strengthen the growth of SMEs in particular. We will, therefore, offer a further tangible added value to our customers in terms of innovation and continuous improvement of business processes”.

Fabrizio Majorana, President of Six Sigma Management Institute Europe, states, “CONSIDI is the ideal partner for us. This group has the rare ability of being able to think big with the kind of reasoning that is typical of a well-structured company, but, at the same time, knows how to stay close to SMEs that want tangible, no-frills results based on the result. This elasticity in knowing how to cover various fronts and requirements combines perfectly with companies like us who are introducing new products in Europe that need to be positioned wisely in the territory”.