A constantly evolving group,
because change starts with oneself

Considi is a management consulting leader in Italy, dealing with operational strategy and performance improvement and specialising in services related to the Toyota production system.

We help companies increase competitiveness with sustainable growth through LEAN and AGILE approaches as well as Industry 4.0 digital technologies.
We want to contribute to a better, sustainable world.
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Contributing to business improvement

As one of the first to understand the importance of “lean” organisational thinking, we support entrepreneurs and managers in the effective and efficient organisation of companies. A forward-looking and innovative outlook has always characterised the spirit and synergistic strength of our team.

To contribute to the improvement of companies and the development of the territory through the dissemination of innovation in products, services and processes for the enhancement of competitiveness and Italian excellence.

We want to distinguish ourselves by offering a global consulting approach that affects the entire value chain of our customer.
We intervene in organisational and operational processes through four focal points:
constant focus on people and their involvement in change processes
creation of customised models, according to the specific characteristics of companies
established methodological approach, strongly oriented towards data, measurement and intelligent use of resources
digital solutions to support methodologies leading to faster and more effective project management
We lead companies to increase their competitiveness, internally and externally, by intervening on the following abilities:
knowing how to do things well
constant attention to quality, time and cost
grafico monozukuri e hitozukuri
Knowing how to grow and shape people
Because "changing for the better" must be addressed to and supported by people
To take these fundamental steps, we aim to establish a true partnership with our customers, aimed at:
Improving strategic processes and developing business innovation paths
Reviewing operational processes, to refound one's “know-how” (Monozukuri)
Developing and enhancing resources, through multi-skill training and the ability to work in a team (Hitozukuri)
Redesigning the organisational model and all business processes from a customer-centric perspective
Repositioning performance targets, ensuring their constant alignment with results
The values of Considi:
Awareness of one's role
Il Gruppo

The value and strength of the Considi Group

The CONSIDI group aggregates 10 top performers in the world of management consulting according to a federative model that represents a new market ecosystem, with a strong Italian imprint, and with the ambition of becoming the reference point in “made in Italy” consulting.
The group covers all areas of management consulting with a total staff of more than 130 consultants able to support companies by providing specific expertise.
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Considi partner companies

An economic-strategic, financial and business development consultancy company with a focus on cultural and organisational evolution.
A strategy, management and business organisation consultancy that supports companies throughout the process.
Consulting company developing consulting and technical training projects concerning Quality and Organisation, Industry, Safety & Security and Sustainability
Consultancy company offering management and strategic consulting dedicated to human resources for the improvement of professional and organisational skills with innovative and streamlined services and tools.
Company consultancy on subsidised finance for companies and subsidised personnel training.
prorob logo
Innovative SME offering a proactive IoT platform for production process management and R&D services for the development of customised hw-sw solutions
System integrator specialising in the development of ergonomic industrial workstations and lines for improving productivity and ergonomics in manual or semi-automatic industrial processes.
logo icenter
Innovation Hub dedicated to manufacturing and distribution SMEs, entrepreneurs, workers for coworking activities, SME support, customised programs and Enterprise 4.0 digitisation
logo strategia & controllo
Consultancy company specialising in Management Consulting concerning Marketing & Sales, supporting companies in increasing value for their customers through innovation, business development and strategic re-launch.
logo smart vco
Consulting company that supports companies in optimising the supply chain. Specialises in spend analysis, cost reduction and rationalisation of supply chain processes

Our Technical Partner

partner tmh
Toyota Material Handling Italy
A Toyota Group company that has been active for years in Italy on the training front for the dissemination of knowledge and skills related to the “forklift” sector, has decided to extend its offer by setting up Toyota Academy Italia.

partner tec
Toyota Engineering Corporation
Japanese company offering services and scientific works on TP, Toyota Production System, and TMS, Total Management System, recognised by Toyota Motor Corporation.

partner toyota research institute
Toyota Research Institute
A research institute creating new capabilities for Toyota regarding active safety, automated driving, robotics, materials design and machine-aided cognition.

partner 6 sigma
Six Sigma Management Institute
A company that provides training and consultancy in the Six Sigma method.

partner cuoa
CUOA Business School
It provides training and development of entrepreneurial and managerial culture for young graduates, managers and executives, civil servants, executives and public administrators, professionals, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

Our BusinessPartner

partner le village
Le Village by Credit Agricole
Le Village is an open ecosystem that supports the growth of start-ups and accelerates business innovation through synergy and connection between the various actors involved
partner smact
SMACT Competence Center
SMACT is one of the 8 Industry 4.0 Competence Centres established in Italy at the instigation of the Ministry of Economic Development. It is a public-private partnership that brings together the 4.0 expertise of research, technology providers and early adopter companies
partner forvalue
ForValue Tinexta Group
Forvalue was born from the strategic partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo and Gruppo Tinexta with the aim of supporting the development of Italian SMEs and accompanying them along their growth path
partner icenter
Innovation Hub dedicated to manufacturing and distribution SMEs, entrepreneurs, workers for coworking activities, SME support, customised programs and Enterprise 4.0 digitisation

partner elite
It is the private market of the Borsa Italiana Group, now part of Euronext, which connects companies to different sources of capital in order to accelerate their growth. An international network of successful entrepreneurs, partners, brokers and investors focused on helping the world's best companies transform their vision into strategic plans and concrete results.
The Considi Group's team consists of more than 150 specialised, trained and close-knit professionals with a focus on enhancing each individual professionalism and personality
scientific advisors

Being ahead of the times

Birth of Considi
Nasce Considi
logo jma
With the first Italian-Japanese consulting joint venture, Considi brought the Toyota Management System to Italy
logo jma
Con la prima Joint-Venture di consulenza Italo–Giapponese, Considi porta in Italia il Toyota Management System
Considi became the only European interlocutor of Japanese master Yoshihito Wakamatsu, disciple of Taiichi Ōno Brings the Monozukuri and Hitozukuri concept to Italy.
Considi diventa l’unica interlocutrice europea del maestro giapponese Yoshihito Wakamatsu, discepolo di Taiichi Ōno. Porta in Italia il concetto di Monozukuri e Hitozukuri
logo toyota engeenering
Considi conveyed the innovative principles of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation
logo toyota engeenering
Considi trasmette i principi innovativi dell’Industria 4.0 e della Digital Transformation
logo tms tps
Considi brought, exclusively for Italy, the Japanese TMS & TPS Certificate Institute
logo tms tps
Considi porta, in esclusiva per l’Italia, la TMS & TPS Certificate Institute giapponese
Considi charted the road to Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0
Considi traccia la strada verso l’Industria 5.0 e la Società 5.0
logo considi grigio
Our goal is to help increase business competitiveness through an industrial strategy that comes to life from high Lean training, operational excellence, digital and product innovation. A sustainable growth path thati benefits from the new technological opportunities of Industry 4.0.
Via A. De Gasperi, 63
36040 Grisignano di Zocco (VI)
Via San Martino, 7
20122 Milano (MI)
Corso Martiri della Libertà, 3
25122 Brescia (BS)
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CONSIDI S.P.A. (BENEFIT SOCIETY) | Via Alcide De Gasperi n.63 - 36040 Grisignano di Zocco (VI)
C.F./P.IVA 03948220284 | Share Capital: 1.000.000 euro i.v. | Registered in the commercial register of Vicenza number REA VI-307565