Lo.Go.S.® (Logistic Governance System)

Measure , Plan and Improve the performance of the logistics business

Lo.Go.S. ® is a proprietary methodology that allows to create a corporate dashboard in order to :

  • Make quantitative and qualitative analysis of company logistics performance
  • Monitor and improve the progress of performance over time
  • Simulate future scenarios with evidence of possible savings obtainable ( economic and financial impacts of logistics choices )

Through analyzes carried out on stock transactions it is possible to get a complete and detailed picture of the current inventory management system , in order to identify the correct management policies for the future also simulating the various scenarios . It is a valuable tool both for diagnosis ( to verify the accuracy of company data ) and analysis .

The analyzes and the relevant reports show :

  • The ABC Classification ( in quantity and value ) of the products in terms of stocks , consumption and frequency
  • Crossed Matrices on Consumption – stock and consumption – frequency , critical to :
    • Segmenting stocks into classes and assign the correct management policies to each class
    • Use an inventory control and effectiveness of the policies ( codes in the risk of obsolescence, in the risk of stock -out , turnover ratios , periods of coverage )
  • The inventory levels ( in volumes and values ) in time through the fluctuation curves in order to evaluate the dynamics of the stock and the efficiency of the inventory management .
  • The estimated size ( in quantity and value) for future scenarios highlighting for all items : reorder point , safety stock , average stock , maximum stock

The analyzes and the relevant reports show :

  • The Logistics Performance for Input and output , in terms of : Level of service , punctuality , flexibility , customer waiting time , delay , response time
  • Completeness of the order ( measured at the row level and at the entire order )

All analyzes can be carried out at finished product level, but also for semi-finished products and raw materials as well as any logistical / commercial subgroup present in the corporate system . The aggregation level can drop to single -stock bubble / transaction

The methodology is characterized by the use of particularly fast software implementation and analysis , as well as flexible adaptation to the corporate reality reference , whatever is its size or degree of complexity .