Gear Factor International Lean Six Sigma 4.0 Certification

Improving processes in an economic, repeatable and verifiable way

Improvement activities are no longer regarded as secondary but become a critical imperative for every company. This means that company managers must find new and innovative ways to reduce their cost structure, as well as improve and increase production capacity, but without capital investment.

To achieve these goals, the only possible way is to improve processes in an economical, repeatable and verifiable way.

Realising this grand vision requires individuals who have the ability to bring about change and benefit in a relatively short time. When leaders of this calibre are supported by the Lean Six Sigma methodology, business process improvements are not only possible, but highly probable.

Six Sigma in particular is a structured approach that leads to problem solving through the use of statistical tools, aiming at eliminating defects and waste rather than simply improving average performance. While in the traditional approach one moves from a practical problem to a practical solution, the Six Sigma approach makes use of problem solving and data-based statistical tools. In fact, one learns to control the process by identifying those elements, the input variables, which impact on its performance, and understanding how to control them to ensure optimal output.

The Lean Six Sigma certification pathway

During the Lean Six Sigma certification course,therefore, people not only improve their ability to approach problem solving and control data and processes, but also strengthen team-working and analysis skills, working together on business improvement projects that they will present at the end of the course.

Training on the Lean Six Sigma methodology is organised according to a model inspired by that of Six Sigma. Indeed, there are different certification levels that involve the acquisition of specific skills, named according to a logic similar to that of the karate discipline: yellow belt, green belt and black belt.


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: These people receive basic training in the principles of Lean Six Sigma; they create a shared basis of culture regarding Lean Six Sigma methodology at all levels in the company.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: They are part-time participants in Lean Six Sigma projects: they have a purely operational focus, providing support to Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and can also manage small improvement projects.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: These are resources that dedicate themselves totally, or a large part of their time, to Lean Six Sigma projects: they acquire high skills on methodology and tools, are responsible for strategic projects and internal training and supervision of green belt figures.


Already at the first level of certification, Green Belt, the candidate must undergo an examination with a minimum score of 70% to obtain the certification.  In addition, he/she will have to carry out a company project, possibly with coaching support from the trainers.

six sigma belt

Thanks to a partnership that CONSIDI has signed with the Six Sigma Management Institute - Europe, a global reference point for training in this discipline, it is possible to obtain Green Belt and Black Belt certifications issued directly by the Six Sigma Management Institute.

The Six Sigma Management Institute is the world's leading player in Lean and Six Sigma training and coaching. The relevant certificates will be issued by Dr Mikel Harry Six Sigma Management Institute USA and are internationally recognised by SSMI Europe and SSMI Asia.

The founder of SSMI, Mikel J. Harry is recognised worldwide as the inventor of the Six Sigma method from its earliest stages within the Motorola group, later taking it to companies such as GE, Allied Signal, ABB, Boeing and Dupont.

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