Lean consulting

We guide companies in the application of
Lean Thinking to business processes

In any corporate change process, whether in manufacturing, distribution or services, the fundamental objective is to  strengthen competitiveness through increased business efficiency. For companies, the ability to develop and maintain their ability to innovate and create value for their customers is a key factor in today's market.

Through lean consulting, we impart expertise on the philosophy of Lean Thinking to companies, enabling them to successfully apply the logic of the TPS Toyota Production System to different areas of the company.

For several years Considi has been collaborating with Japanese sensei, to go to the source of the method, from the collaboration with Woshihito Wakamatsu who had the honour of working directly with Taichi Ohno, to the present day with the partnership with TEC - Toyota Engineering Corporation.

Lean Management is a holistic approach to business management based on the concepts of Monozukuri, the art of knowing how to do things well, and Hitozukuri, the art of knowing how to shape people. This methodology allows corporate and business goals to be defined and achieved through Kotozukuri, making things happen.

The Lean consulting service takes the form of “Lean Transformation” projects, which lead to the elimination of waste and an increase in value not only in the factory (lean production), but along the entire logistics chain (lean supply chain), in sales (lean sales) and in offices (lean office).

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What we can do for your company: our lean consulting services

Lean Supply Chain

Achieving a lean supply chain: extending Lean principles to the supply, distribution and sales chain, streamlining company/customer/supplier flows

Lean Sales

Improving commercial action in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and increasing sales performance

Lean Production

Organising company production according to lean manufacturing principles

Lean Office

Applying Lean Thinking principles to office processes of manufacturing companies and typical processes of service companies

Six Sigma

Improving the quality of products or services by eliminating production defects and controlling problems related to process standard deviation

Certificazione TMS e TPS

Improving knowledge on the Toyota Management System and Toyota Production System through a certification with Japanese sensei

GBM – Global Benchmarking

Company certification carried out directly by the Japanese sensei of TEC - Toyota Engineering Corporation

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