Digital Trasformation Strategy

The sustainable strategy to the introduction and implementation of 4.0

The transformation towards 4.0 must be designed for sustainable business impact.

The Digital Transformation & Innovation Strategy must become the compass of change for the company: it acts on processes, organisational models and customer experience. A business transformation road map in which digital aspects and innovation are the foundation from which the drive for change starts.

Considi offers to support the company in defining its digitisation strategy, starting with a Smart Check-up that can give a quick positioning of the company's situation with respect to 4.0 technologies.
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This awareness will allow them to reconfigure their strategy and to be present in the market in a timely and consistent manner, pursuing the goals of anazienda innovativa, che utilizza le tecnologie per reinventare un proprio modello di business in which everything must become increasingly flexible and fast:

  • The development of an offer increasingly geared to specific customer requirements based on data derived from their user experiences and extended by new functionalities or the performance of new services, thus intercepting the megatrend of product servitisation.
  • Open Innovation, involving the entire value chain, from the supplier to the consumer, in a system in which each party actively participates in the different stages of the process, interacting with its own contribution for the improvement and completion of the services offered to the customer.
  • The pursuit of operational excellence aimed at achieving the goal of a customised product while maximising the efficiency of the industrial production process.
  • The decentralisation of decision-making through real-time information sharing at all levels and the attribution of responsibilities, so that these decisions shift to 'where things happen', realising with technological and digital tools the Japanese concept of the genba.

In other words, while the value of intangible elements such as organisation, skills and data increases, the role of material elements decreases.

Questi obiettivi che caratterizzano possibili modelli di business 4.0, affiancati all’innovazione tecnologica, segnano il passaggio dall’azienda tradizionale all’azienda smart. Ma essi devono quanto più possibile essere integrati per ottenere un vantaggio competitivo sostenibile nel tempo; questo probabilmente suggerisce alle aziende di ogni settore che lo sviluppo tecnologico non può più avvenire solo all’interno della singola azienda, ma, in sinergia con le risorse che ci sono anche all’esterno. Occorre quindi trovare nuovi modelli organizzativi, che permettano tali sinergie tra imprese diverse.
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Our goal is to help increase business competitiveness through an industrial strategy that comes to life from high Lean training, operational excellence, digital and product innovation. A sustainable growth path thati benefits from the new technological opportunities of Industry 4.0.
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