Mission and Values

Contributing to the improvement of companies.

We want to set ourselves apart by proposing a global consulting approach that has an impact on the entire chain of customer value.

We intervene in organisational and operational processes through four focal points:

  • constant focus on people and their involvement in the processes of change;
  • creation of tailor-made models, adapted to the specific characteristics of the companies;
  • consolidated methodological approach, strongly focused on data and measurement;
  • solutions and information tools supporting methodologies which lead to a faster and more effective management of projects;

We want to help companies to increase their internal and external competitiveness, by focusing on the ability of:

  • knowing how to do things well (a concept that the Japanese translate with the term Monozukuri), by constantly looking at quality, times and costs;
  • knowing how to grow and shape people (a concept that the Japanese translate with the term Hitozukuri) because we are convinced that the idea of “changing to get better” must be geared towards and supported by the people;

To achieve these two basic steps, we concentrate on creating a true partnership with our customers aimed at:

  • improving strategic processes and developing innovative business paths;
  • reviewing operational processes to re-establish “knowing how to” (Monozukuri);
  • redesigning the organisational model and all the business processes with a customer-centric approach;
  • developing and enhancing resources by developing a multi-skill training approach and the ability to work in team (Hitozukuri);
  • repositioning performance goals, ensuring constant alignment with results;

The values we aim for are:

  • initiative
  • awareness of the individual role
  • solidarity
  • honesty
  • courage
  • humility