Assisting companies since 1980.



Agreement with Toyota Engineering Corporation (TEC): a Japanese company that offers services and scientific studies on TPS and on the Total Management System (TMS), acknowledged by the Toyota Motor Corporation


Agreement with the Six Sigma Management Institute Europe (SSMI) in London, a company that offers consulting and training related to the Six Sigma method


Partnership with Vitale-Novello-Zane & Co Srl: a company based in Brescia that operates in the field of economic, strategic and financial consultancy and corporate development


CONSIDI integrates GMA Operations and further broadens its competences and the range of services offered.


CONSIDI becomes TPS Preferred Partner of Toyota Material Handling Italy (the only production facility in Italy of Toyota Industries). The original TPS concept becomes widely known thanks to the creation of the “Toyota Academy“.


CONSIDI is preferred partner of Fòrema Srl – a company of Confindustria Padova for training, work and safety – in the LEANDUSTRIA© project, inside the CUBO ROSSO, the centre for experiential training in the Veneto region.


CONSIDI becomes the only European partner of the Japanese master, Y. Wakamatsu, heir of Taiichi Ohno, the inventor of the organisational method that has made Toyota as we know it. Applied to SMEs and companies, this model of thinking brings innovation, cost reduction and staff motivation.
This partnership resulted in one of the most successful series of “professional tools” books: publishing a series of books entitled “Toyota Way” with FrancoAngeli Editore that spread the teachings of the Japanese guru in Italy.


With a management buy-out operation, making the most of the wealth of skills and experience consolidated in the area in over twenty years of operations, CONSIDI relaunched and recovered its original mission: offering services and solutions aimed at increasing the competitiveness of industrial and service enterprises.


With the entry into the Telecom-Finsiel Group, Consiel was created, a business that in just a few years would become the largest Italian-owned management consultancy company.


Together with the JMA group of Tokyo (Japanese Management Association), Jmac-CONSIDI was set up; the first Italian-Japanese consulting joint venture.


CONSIDI was created, founded by independent partners, it developed in the market for manufacturing and services companies.