A group in constant evolution because change begins within.

CONSIDI, which today has more than forty skilled employees, is synonymous with TPS (Toyota Production System) because it was among the first to understand the importance of a “lean” organisational thought supporting entrepreneurs and managers in the effective and efficient organisation of companies.
Far-sightedness and an innovative approach has always set the spirit and collaborative strength of our team apart.
We have long maintained that the market is constantly changing as has the traditional TPS (Toyota Production System) which has evolved into the Toyota Profit System, an all-round business management system.
The principles of Lean Thinking can, therefore, be applied to all business functions.

In recent years, CONSIDI has positioned its services with excellence and undisputed records.

In the stage when companies were pursuing lean success in the 1990s, CONSIDI had decided to take a more demanding and complex approach offering a consultancy service that was tailor-made, rather than providing ready-made solutions, by sharing the intuition of the entrepreneur and adhering to the original principles of JAPANESE thinking, champion of the TPS method. A less obvious, more complex path which led CONSIDI to become over time the point of reference for the Veneto Region, the North East and then in Italy of TPS, Toyota Production/Profit System.

Fabio Cappellozza

President and Partner

After a degree in electronic engineering at the University of Padua and a Master Misai Cuoa in “Integrated Automation Systems Engineering ” , he has served as Operation Manager in important national and international companies .
He is working in the management consultancy field from years, with particular attention to the operation and Innovation Management, which is also a matter of several conferences and specialized workshops at which he has been intervened as a speaker. In 1990 he joined Considi , which later became Consiel ( Telecom Group ) , a leading management consulting company , where he became managers first and then the Partner for the Industry and Services Area . In 2004 he was among the founding members of the new Considi , and today he is the President .
He conducted several actions to improve corporate performance through the review of organizational , logistic and production models in manufacturing and distribution companies .

Gianni Dal Pozzo


Former President of the Association Graduates in Management Engineering in Vicenza today is Vice – President of the Alumni Association of the University of Padua .
He has extensive experience in management consulting as a manager in CONSIEL, a leading Italian company management consulting , and then in Considi as a founding partner . Expert in Operation & Innovation Management he has contributed to the competitiveness of many Companies in Italy by applying the principles of the Toyota / LEAN system .
In 2007, together with the presidents of 7 Associations, he founded the OGEP.VI ( Observatory of Young Economic Professions in Vicenza) becoming coordinator in July 2009 .
He is also a member of the Technical Scientific Committee of “The Red Cube ” , experiential training center of Niuko in the North – East Italy.

Ilaria Bruni


Graduated in Management Engineering at the University of Padua , worked for many years in the field of management consulting , first as a consultant and manager in Consiel ( Telecom Group ) and then as a partner and founding partner in Considi . She has extensive experience in strategy and organization projects for manufacturing and services companies , where she managed to change paths linked to redesigning processes , activation of lean office models , implementation of new IT systems .

Renzo Pasti


Graduated in Management Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, professor at the Master of CUOA, he was, for about 10 years , Operations Director at leading companies in the engineering , food and clothing industry. He develops and implements lean business plans that put on the center the growth of individuals and of the Company; he has always been engaged on border issues like the pull of the entire supply chain management and organization of factories for Value Stream ( which implies speed in decision making , sharing of responsibility and spread of continuous improvement ) .
Among his previous professional experience there is the reorganization of an entire factory for Value Stream, with pull management and visual techniques  and of several projects Just In Sequence of assembly lines from suppliers.

Michele Baruffato


Graduated in Management Engineering he mastered training courses  at Toyota and its suppliers in Japan. He is specialized in applying the principles  “lean” in non-repetitive production environments (Make To Order and Engineering To Order) and he has integrated into a single approach the methodologies of TOC (theory of constraints), QRM (quick response manufacturing), Setsuban Kanri ™ and Lean Office.
He participated in the development of the Minifabbrica fan coils in Ferroli, and he has references in Socomec where he managed the interlocking lines and materials logistics and in Meneghetti during the years of its rapid growth.

Attilio Giuliani


Graduated in Economics from the University of Modena  he has a MBA from Bocconi University in Milan. Since from the beginning of his professional career, he was interested in the particular problems of enterprise development, with focus on the design of sorting systems (product, service, communication, distribution systems) and on the value creation, improving the quality of turnover and profitability of company. He was among the partners of the the first Considi and later a partner in Consiel  charged of Industry and Services Area for over 30 years,  during which he worked with leading industrial and service companies in Italy and abroad .

Luca Zanella


Salvatore Ragusa


Franco Picone


Chiara Bosi


Operational Excellence professional with over 15 years of experience in process improvement and proven record of business impact delivery. Has worked for multinational organizations of the automotive, healthcare and fashion industries, developing both product design and manufacturing experience while helping plants achieving process optimization. Certified 6-Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Leader, has trained, mentored, and certified dozens Lean and Six Sigma candidates and successfully managed large diverse teams with high financial impact.
Highly accomplished results-oriented leadership with proven interpersonal skills, has widely recognized ability to motivate people and build dynamic teams.

Alessandro Busatto


Elisabetta Mason