Lean and Agile methodology: when and in which situations to apply them
to achieve results

The evolution of people-based organisational systems

The Agile methodology originated in the 2000s as a software development method and soon evolved as a process for the development of new products and services.

The Agile methodology changes the perspective of traditional work, placing a strong emphasis on teamwork, continuous collaboration with the customer, and creating adaptive teams that can solve problems and cope with the high variability of work.

An agile company is a company capable of creating at all levels, from managers to staff in support functions, an environment to facilitate and get the most out of the work of the teams and respond dynamically to changes in the market.

Agile and Lean:

In companies with several products and several markets, with a number of projects to be carried out at the same time, each with different contents and levels of complexity, it makes sense to accompany the Agile methodology with a structured approach such as Lean, which with its standardisation of tools, processes and systems makes it possible to always keep an eye on business needs.

Lean and Agile together can be applied at different company levels: 

  • At the Project Portfolio level, the power of Lean enables a global view of all existing projects and makes it possible to link these projects to business objectives (Portfolio Management).
  • At the level of the individual project, Agile allows a concrete approach such as Scrum to manage macro-activities and detailed tasks quickly, efficiently and visually, as well as monitor costs and project criticalities (Visual Management).
  • At the process level, it allows for the efficiency of activities and information flows as well as providing useful tools, such as Lean’s “set based design”, for the creation and reuse of knowledge (Visual Knowledge).

Considi has been offering Lean and Agile methods for several years, supporting its customers with certified PMI® consultants, both on Product Development and Software Development projects as well as on Service Design projects.

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What we can do for your company: our Agile consulting services

Considi offers both training and consultancy services to guide companies through the Lean Agile transformation:

Agile Project Management

To manage projects with Scrum and Agile Teams and lead the transformation into an Agile organisation

Lean Agile Product and Portfolio Management

How to make the time of project development synchronised with the time “dictated” by the business for successful projects

Service Design

An iterative approach aimed at designing, testing and refining new service concepts before implementing them, reducing costs and development time

Case Histories

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